Helen S Rigby

I’m Helen Rigby, a storyteller, through my acting, writing, public speaking and Jungian life coaching.

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Through my journey as an actress, I’ve always had the curiosity to dig a little deeper in to the mind and soul. After a life changing illness, I found the courage to look within and be the hero of my own story. I now help guide people in unlocking the limitations of our ego’s mind and connect to the pure potentiality of the unlimited soul’s calling where anything is possible.

helen s rigby sitting in field blossom in trees

My own journey is a work in progress, After a great amount of suffering, I finally surrendered to the unknown and uncertainty and to enjoy the path of self discovery! The external conflict always reflects the inner conflict, so I am learning through curiosity and compassion. I welcome you, I hope that it plants the seed for you to continue your self discovery too.

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