“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate” Carl Gustav Jung

helen rigby

Do you feel you are not quite living your true potential?

Do you have a desire deep down but not sure where to start?

As a life coach, I ask the questions to help you find the answers and wisdom already within. Get out of your head and connect to your heart. I know life can be challenging but there’s so much freedom and joy on the other side of fear and limitations.

Using Carl Jung psychology and Eastern philosophy, I guide you through your own hero’s journey to discover who you have the potential to be.

Through looking at shadow work, ego’s function, persona performance, dreams and visualisations we can dive deep in to the soul to support your journey of self discovery and realisation.

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Coaching options available

  • 1-1 coaching-
  • 3 session introduction package
  • 3-month clarity programme
  • 6-month deep dive programme

Other options available on request

  • Power hour
  • VIP 1/2 day or full day package.

Group courses coming soon.

Please contact me if you would like further information or to book a free consultation call.

helen rigby helen rigby

After years of searching for answers, therapy, coaching, a bookshelf full of self help books collecting dust, I exhausted myself, I exhausted the patterns and conditioning of my past.

In 2017, I was in Sedona, USA, I’d stopped at a shop to buy some crystals, hoping that crystals alone would bring me “good luck” , the lady in the shop stopped me and said that I had so much creativity inside of me waiting to be expressed, she added that the moment I learn to love myself, anything would be possible! I didn’t really understand what she meant, I just wanted a quick fix, an external job to give me validation, a guy to love me and a band aid to heal my deep pain over losing my dad. I was so lost.

My friend introduced me to Carl Jung’s work and Eastern philosophy. I’m not going to lie, it took me a while to surrender, my ego was so strong and stubborn that I wanted to resolve the external conflict before looking within, I didn’t feel it possible or that I was worthy of my dreams. Once I’d had my first breakthrough it blew my mind and changed my life!

I get to create the life I’ve always wanted. I had the power all along!

My mission is to help people break free of the conditioning of the past and live their life to their true potential.Helen S Rigby